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How to explain business casual dress code to employees Business casual dress code exampleunless there are specific workplace safety concerns, begin the process of introducing a new dress code by posting examples of business casual attire the company will accept. Women may wear skirts or dresses of at least knee length men and women may wear casual slacks or blue jeans;Women may wear calf length pants no shorts or stretch pants men may wear business shirts with the top button undone, golf or polo shirts women may wear polo shirts or blouses ralph lauren uk no t shirts, shirts without collars(For men)Or any clothing that features political, commercial or religious slogans tennis shoes and casual footwear are okay but no worn out weekend sneakers or flip flops Exceptions to business casual clothingin addition to communicating acceptable casual dress code to workers, be sure to also list exceptions.Take a page from the play book of citigroup(2), which suggests that any employee attending a business meeting may have to deviate from a business casual attire to reflect that of the meeting partner.In other words, if a company does business with a very conservative partner, anyone going into a meeting with ralph lauren online representatives of that company must dress accordingly. How to explain business casual dress code to employeesit is up to the human cheap louis vuitton bags uk resources representative to communicate the casual dress code to the management team and also to supply materials that managers and supervisors may use to explain the policies to those reporting to them. Prepare handouts with business casual pictures(3);They show examples of acceptable clothing options.Write out a dress policy ralph lauren pas cher soldes in the employee handbook;Include information about business casual wear.Spell out what’s accepted, what’s out and when casual wear may be worn.Train supervisors who to spot and deal with a dress code violation.Put into place clearly defined remedies, such as verbal and written warnings, which become part of an employee’s file. What others are readingcreating an organizational chart:Two free templates for downloaddistinguishing between the louboutin australia supervisor and manager rolesafety education:Tips for getting the word out in a fun wayfacing modern hr challenges head ona top to bottom look at organizational chartsdifferent types of organizational structurestages of collective bargainingsteps in hr planningexample of a certificate of employmenta guide to hr forms and letters:Free downloads and tips.

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How to exercise in ralph lauren outlet ralph lauren polo uomo the cheap louboutins pool video Philip toriello:Hi.My name is philip toriello, and this isHow to exercise in the pool.How to exercise in the pool?How can i count the ways?Basically, it can start from anywhere as a simple swim team that’s working out and training for a competitive races.It can float into aqua aerobics, your swim clubs, your country clubs, your athletic clubs.Aqua aerobics is a really good exercise.While a lot of people associate it with something like a jazzercise or a simple no impact no cardio type of workout, it really does offer the flexibility, the louis vuitton sale agility and the resistance and most importantly, the low impact exercise portion that really helps your body to stay in motion and fluid.Other exercises might include scuba diving or scuba dive training and water polo, i mean, there are so many sports and so many different types of exercise you can in the water, whether its heads up, freestyle to build up your shoulders, keep your head about water, which really tones and shapes up your upper body.To synchronize swimming if you wish and all the drills and techniques and exercises that they offer in those particular sports.So, do a little bit of research online.Inquire at your local club or swim school and find out a little bit more about what they ralph lauren polo femme have to offer.It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.Livestrong is a registered trademark of the livestrong foundation.Moreover, we do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web site many of the advertisements are served by third party advertising companies.

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How to field a fly ball ralph lauren sale uk or ralph lauren outlet online pop Fielding a fly ball is important for both an outfielder’s and an infielder’s defensive game.In order to field a fly ball communication is very important.When a ball is hit and multiple players go after that ball it is critical that someone calls off the other players for that ball.For that to happen players have to know the louboutin australia priority list.Outfielders have priority over the middle infielders, and the middle infielders louis vuitton bags uk have priority over the corner infielders.In the case that both the second basemen and shortstop call for the ball, the shortstop has priority.When the ball is hit into the outfield, the center fielder has the power to call off both the right fielder and left fielder. Fielding fly balls as ralph lauren pas cher an outfielder The outfielder should be in a ready position, knees slightly bent, and glove in front of his body.When the ball is hit the fielder should take a step back, and analyze the direction, speed, and angle of the ball.When the fielder is sure where the ball is going to land, he sprints to that spot, and squares up his shoulders.If it is a right handed thrower, the left foot should be slightly in front of the right foot and vice versa.The fielder should raise his glove above his head on his glove side, and catch the ball with two hands.If a ball is hit to an outfielder’s glove hand side, the outfielder should open up with his left or right foot depending on whether you are a righty or a lefty at a forty five degree angle, and run with as little head movement as possible on the balls of his feet.Less head movement will decrease the chance of misjudging the path of the ball.When the player is ready to catch the ball, again he squares up his shoulders, and puts his foot opposite his power foot slightly in front, and catches the ball with two hands.If the ball is hit further into the gap, the player can catch the ball with one hand as necessary.On the ball that is hit to the throwing hand side the player should open up with his right or left foot at a forty five degree angle, and use the same technique used at a ball hit to the glove side.

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Gossip girl’s ed westwick is cheap ralph lauren shirts suited to the english gent role Actor ed westwick is talking about going home to hertfordshire.’I still love it,’ he says happily.’I go back to my parents’ house.They cook.I lie on the sofa and watch it all come at me.I was over in june for my birthday.It was a quiet one in the garden, with a barbecue, watching england get kicked out of the world cup.It was fantastic.’ A typical 23 year old enjoying the comforts of home except westwick is one of the stars of hit us teen drama gossip girls, in which he plays bad boy chuck bass, on off lover of lead character blair waldorf. Teenage hearts around the world creaked at the seams when ralph lauren pas cher homme chuck lets blair go, lying with the words:’It’s just a game,’ before admitting to a friend:’I love her and I can’t make her happy.’ ‘He’s definitely cheap louis vuitton brooding,’ agrees Westwick.’In fact, his nickname is the brooding billionaire.He’s a very wealthy, at times very dangerous, kid trying to find his way in the world.’ At the end of the last season, bass is left bleeding in an alleyway as his attackers run off with the ring he was going to use to propose to blair.The odds that chuck survives are pretty high He trained at the national youth theatre and appeared in british television series doctors, casualty and afterlife before moving to la three years ago.Getting involved in gossip girls was a no brainer. ‘I was all for jumping into it.There wasn’t much work in the uk.I was only in la for a month and i got this show.It’s changed my life.’ He sounds grateful. Another day, another tall, dark, handsome brit in hollywood?Westwick nods at the reference to english actor robert pattinson, who plays dashing vampire edward cullen in the twilight films.Both are narrow eyed, deep voiced, chisel jawed and beguilingly pouty not that we’ve thought about it much. ‘Yup, there seems to be something going on right now,’ he laughs.’I can’t figure it out but we’re definitely representing.’ Westwick’s female co stars, the glossy, gorgeous leighton meester and blake lively, now appear regularly in the pages of leading fashion magazines, both as themselves and as their characters.With his penchant for flamboyant knitwear, three piece suits and cravats, westwick’s character is hot on their heels. Was westwick always a fashion buff?’I was interested, ‘ he says.’But it was more ralph lauren italia shop line juvenile.I was into that whole indie rock’n’roll look.But i was 19 then.I’m 23 now. ‘My fashion consciousness and self consciousness have definitely grown over the course of being on the show,’ he continues.’All the exposure and the experience I’ve had of different sides of the industry means I have a better knack of how to put things together.We’ve all been to fashion shows, we’ve worked with designers in different capacities, on fashion shoots.You learn about different looks and colours.I’ve definitely stepped up my game.’ He has though he admits he’s still most comfortable in t shirts(J lindeberg)And jeans(‘Levi’s 501s,’ he says, enthusiastically.’I’ve got three pairs:Black, blue and stonewash.’)Leather jackets are also a favourite he recently got one from dolce gabanna and he just picked up a new winter coat by paul smith.He’s still fairly rock’n’roll, although his character is becoming an inspiration;Hence his new love of hip label j lindeberg. ‘Chuck’s a very stylish dude and I’ve picked up a little of his style.Although there are always days when the paparazzi get you and it’s five in the morning’ He’s just completed a photoshoot to promote a new venture with nokia, in which two fans will star alongside him in a short film being shot usinga mobile phone.He sounds excited, running down the list of what he wore like a real fashionista. ‘We did four different looks, ‘ he says.’My favourite one was by Band of Outsiders.It was a grey flannelly wool type trouser, brown shoes no socks, of course white shirt, grey waistcoat.It was chic but smart casual, great for late summer, early autumn.I’m going to have to go out and grab that one. ‘Then, they wanted an English look so I wore this plaid jacket with dark shirt and pants.I looked like i was going shooting with prince charles.’ Another outfit had westwick again looking quintessentially english in polo ralph lauren. He has a surprising range of fashion icons:David beckham, tom ford and, once upon a time, pete doherty. ‘He looked really good to me when I was 19 but it’s pretty worn out now.’ Unlike Ed Westwick.Admirers:Hold on to your heartstrings.This boy is only just beginning. Ed westwick is joining dev patel cheap christian louboutin and pamela anderson as part of the cast for ‘the commuter’, a short film written and directed by upcoming british talent the mchenry brothers.The groundbreaking film is being shot on the new nokia n8 to showcase its hd 720p camera qualities and ed will be filming in london this sunday. Sexi’m average looking, kind and live at home:Why can’t i find love and romance?Top 10ssarah beeney’s top 9 tips on avoiding a clichd valentine’s day

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Gossip girl fashion from season ralph lauren polo online 4 For a humble girl from florida, charlie(Kaylee defer)Sure was looking good cheap ralph lauren in her comptoir des contonnier coat, dvf sweater, joie blouse, and house of lavande necklace.She even adopted the neutral chic palette for her trip to the ues so savvy!Serena looked fabulous herself(Although a bit hobo chic)In a ralph lauren patchwork coat, missoni cardigan, and louis vuitton bag.Ah, to be young and loaded. Vanessa(Jessica szohr)Mongered gossip in style with a no.6 Store dress and comfy Rachel Comey cardigan.While we weren’t loving her behavior, we were totally crushing on her pour la victoire louboutin australia boots. Even cheap louis vuitton bags uk the adults dressed sharply!Papa van der woodsen rocked a ben sherman suit, while lily(Kelly rutherford)Looked extraordinarily elegant in a roland mouret frock with jimmy choo shoes. But the upper east ralph lauren pas cher soldes sider who took the fashion cake was serena, hands down, with the outfit she wore to the photo shoot.She channeled old hollywood glamour in a marchesa dress and spazooie wrap.

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Gossip girl style In just three seasons, the tv show now screened on Tg4 has pulled in huge audiences around the world, sparking interest in a fashion style favoured by rich new york socialites.This week, we decided to focus on how to get the look for far less achieve the girls’ fashion forward styles but with a sensible, honest to ralph lauren sale god budget. Forget about socialite wardrobes packed to the gills with designer numbers this is the real world.It’s about mixing vintage with attitude, and posh frocks with individualism, such as statement tights.And if you are taylor momsen, you’ll probably want to throw in some dodgy, saucy suspenders for streetwear. The serena van der woodsen character is played by Blake lively, who is becoming a veritable style icon in her own right, up there with Kate moss, who, she reveals, was her fashion inspiration. Jackets are a cornerstone of serena’s wardrobe and she loves her skinny jeans, but after being pictured in Paris, shooting season four, wearing coral pink, wide legged trousers, you can expect a flood of pas cher ralph lauren copies. Blake can do no wrong with her teenage fans.Indeed, hairdressers report that ‘serena’ hair is fast attracting clients’ interest, as Jennifer aniston’s ‘rachel’ cut did in the 1990s and noughties. The serena look is all about a keen eye to accessories, especially bags, christian louboutin sydney and blake also shares that passion, owning 25 margo morrison necklaces.Serena’s character blends big labels such as Valentino and dvf with Ralph lauren, and for ralph lauren online our shoot we put her in boutique by jaeger, a new label at arnotts that delivers classic chic with a twist just what you’d expect from a little sister diffusion range. The preppy blair waldorf is a totally different kettle of fish.The character, played by Leighton meester, is a real super bitch and her clothes echo her supersonic confidence.Just as she manipulates her friends, she also manipulates her park avenue princess wardrobe with great aplomb.Unlike serena, blair wears louis vuitton uk dresses 24/7 and the secret to achieving the look is to remember the two ps:Preppy and polished. Ladylike grooming is what blair is all about.She adores bright colours such as red and orange, and for our shoot we dressed her in a great red and pink checked anglomania jacket from Vivienne westwood.Beautifully tailored, it has a super swing. The core styling for blair is, unsuprisingly, Audrey hepburn, and this character is responsible for triggering a flood of interest in hairbands, from tartan alice bands to decorative embellished ones. Leighton says her own style is more eclectic and right now she is rocking ferragamo bags and shoes.

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Goal setting secrets of the real life indiana jones Remember when you were 15?Can you recall some of the dreams you had then?How many have you accomplished? My reflection on that is what attracted me so strongly to the story of john goddard, of whom the la times called,”The real life indiana jones,”And one of his expeditions,”The most amazing adventure of this generation. ” When he was 15, goddard was inspired to create a list of 127″Life goals” (He called it”My life list”).By his last count, the young seventy something has accomplished 111 of these plus 400 others he set along the way! Here’s just a few of ralph lauren sale the ones he’s reached: He’s climbed many of the world’s major peaks including the matterhorn, ararat, kilimanjaro, fiji, rainier and the grand tetons. He followed marco polo’s cheap louis vuitton bags uk route through all of the middle east, asia and china. He’s run a mile in five minutes, broad jumped 15 feet, high jumped five feet and performed 200 sit ups and 20 pull ups. ralph lauren polo online He was the first person to explore the 4200 mile length of the world’s longest river, the nile. (It was the number one goal of the 15 year old goddard and the one the times called”The most amazing adventure of this generation. “).He has also been down the amazon, congo and others. John has been to 122 countries, lived with 260 different tribal groups, explored the underwater reefs of florida, the great barrier reef in australia, the red sea, and more. He has flown 40 different types of aircraft and still holds civilian air records;Has read the bible cover to cover and learned to speak french, spanish and ralph lauren pas cher arabic. The last two on his original list included marrying and having children(He has six)And living to see the 21st century, which he has done in style. And i’m just louboutin australia getting started.But i think you get the point. More than just one of the greatest adventurers the world has ever known, goddard is an incredibly wise person, as this quote of his demonstrates: “If you really know what you want out of life, it’s amazing how opportunities will come to enable you to carry them out. ” How did john goddard manage to live such an incredible life of achievement?Two simple, easily duplicatable”Secrets: “He chose big dreams and he wrote them down. There’s no power at all in small dreams.When the dream isn’t big enough, it’s too easy to give in to the obstacles that appear in our life.It’s very difficult to maintain the persistence that all great achievement requires when the dream is small or ordinary. Harland sanders was 65 years old, with little more than a $105 social security payment in his pocket, when he started kentucky fried chicken.He is said to have been rejected by over 1, 000 banks before he became successful.If he hadn’t had a big dream his self esteem could never have withstood such rejection. One of the biggest dreamers in the world is mark victor hansen.Working with his partner, jack canfield, their idea was rejected by 140 book publishers as”Unsellable. “Today, their chicken soup series includes more than 70 titles that have sold more than 90 million copies in 39 languages.Mark says,”The more goals you set the more goals you get.Think big, act big and set out to accomplish big results. ” Not only must your dreaming and goal setting be big, but it must be in writing.Brian tracy says that this act alone increases your odds of success by 1000%!Like many people, i’d heard that i should write my goals down, but like most people, i rarely did.Looking at brian’s formula another way, the failure to write your goals and dreams down means that you’ve got less than a 1 in 10 chance of succeeding.Can it be any wonder then that most people don’t live their dreams? Who knows where your life can go after it is driven by life goals.You may find yourself landing on the moon someday, which happens to be one of the few original dreams that john goddard hasn’t realized. Whatever you dreams may be, when you’re doing your goal setting, make them big and write them down!Don’t be like the chap in this poem that napoleon hill included in the original edition of think and grow rich:

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Goat polo in liberated kabul Horses’ hooves thundered, the crowd roared with excitement and the carcass of a headless goat hit the playing field with a sodden thump.In a spectacle not seen since pre taliban times, the ancient afghan sport of buzkashi returned to kabul on friday. Thousands of avid spectators perched atop mud brick walls, clambered onto truckbeds and stood balanced on bicycle seats to watch two teams of whip wielding horsemen fight a running duel up, down and across a dusty field surrounded by ruined buildings in the center of the afghan capital. “We haven’t seen this game played in more than five years,”Said a grizzled fan, ulam siddiq, ralph lauren outlet who was rooting for the kabul home team. “It’s part of our culture, and we’re very happy to have it back again. ” Buzkashi which means”Goat grabbing”In the dari language widely louis vuitton uk spoken in afghanistan is not a pastime for the faint hearted. Leaving aside any squeamishness about the”Ball”That would be the decapitated goat the game involves no holds barred combat, waged at full gallop, to wrest control of the carcass from the rival team.Gashes and broken bones are common;Spills commonly send riders and horses alike tumbling. ralph lauren online shop Being a spectator at a buzkashi match isn’t all that much safer.Every few minutes, the watching crowds scattered and fled as groups of horsemen plowed wildly into the sidelines, whips clenched in their teeth. The object of the game is to try to snatch the ralph lauren pas cher soldes 150 pound carcass from the center of the field and carry it to the scoring area.Only the most skilled players known as”Chapandaz”Manage to get the goat.And keeping it can be even harder. Traditionally, the game is played at festive christian louboutin shoes times like the start of the new year, or at afghan wedding parties, when matches lasting days would sometimes be staged.Organizers said this match was meant to celebrate the inauguration of afghanistan’s new interim government six days earlier. Like so much else in afghanistan, the sport has particular ethnic associations.Buzkashi is most popular in the north, where it is thought to have originated among turkic mongol peoples, and is primarily played today by uzbeks, turkmen and tajiks. Horses and players alike undergo years of training before they are allowed to take to the field.During taliban rule, the best known players fled into exile in pakistan or were bottled up in the small slice of territory held by the opposition northern alliance. “Our best horses and our best players are not back yet,”Player sayeed ashi said just before the match began, seated astride a chestnut horse with a brightly patterned saddle blanket. “But we’re proud to resume this tradition it’s our national game, and we love it. ” Milling among the spectators friday were dozens of kalashnikov toting northern alliance soldiers, some in camouflage uniforms.They hooted and applauded along with the rest of the crowd and quickly dodged, along with the thers, when a knot of thundering horseflesh headed their way. The two teams one from kabul, the other from the rugged panjshir valley battled to a 9 9 draw, but the crowd enthusiastically applauded the goal scoring of both.Organizers said matches would be held regularly in the capital from now on. While the mood at the buzkashi field was festive and no serious injuries were reported, recent days have seen renewed interest in blood sports long popular in afghanistan and long criticized by international groups.Cock fighting and dog fighting, both banned by the taliban, are once again taking hold in around kabul.

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Goal the same Justin peters has made it a threesome of goalies in the workouts this week at raleigh center ice and is blunt when asked about his expectations for this season. “I coming into camp to make the hockey team,”Peters said today. The canes signed free agent brian boucher after the season and said the veteran goalie would be cam ward backup cheap ralph lauren this season.Ward was in net for 74 games last season, a career high and a busy workload the canes want to lighten. Where does that leave peters, the canes backup cheap louis vuitton bags last season?Apparently headed to the charlotte checkers(Ahl), where he will team with Mike Murphy in net. “This is my sixth professional year with the hurricanes and i coming into camp with the same attitude:Make the team, just like i did last year,”Peters said. ralph lauren online Peters respects boucher and what boucher has done in the nhl.But he said he did not dwell on or fret over boucher signing and what the ramifications would be for him. “That stuff completely out of my control,”He said. “All i can do is ralph lauren soldes focus on myself and come to the rink as a professional, as i always done and will continue to do. Peters, 25, played in just 12 games last season, posting a 3 5 louboutin australia 1 record with a 3.98 goals against average and.875 percentage.That came after a 2009 2010 season in which he was 6 3 0 with a 2.83 GAA and.905 save percentage. Peters was put into some tough positions last year, including a march 4 game in chicago against the surging blackhawks.He allowed five goals in that game as the canes lost. “Obviously i didn get as much playing time as i would have liked,”He said. “You always want to get in net as much as you can but that not the way it worked out. “Last year i definitely learned a lot.It definitely a different role being a backup goalie.Please review the following basic rules that govern your use of the ralph lauren polol.Please note that your use of the ralphlaurenmall.Constitutes your unconditional agreement to follow and be bound by these terms of use.Although you may”Bookmark”A particular portion of this site and thereby bypass this agreement, your use of this site still binds you to these terms of use ralphlaurenmall.Reserves the right to update or modify these terms of use at any time without prior notice to you. Your use of the Site following any such changeConstitutes your unconditional agreement to follow and be bound by these terms of use as changed. Last year, peters did what he was told to do but in situations that cam would have even failed.He was put in after cam had already lost the game but he tried to give the canes a chance.It just hard to get out there a play at a competitive level when you are not given a chance to excel and build your confidence. The signing of boucher was not a surprise to me though.You can tell when mo does not like someone and i feel peter is one of those people.I am not sure why he wouldn but a coach that runs his 1 goalie into exhaustion and then wants a cold backup to jump into the game?It not going to be good too often.Boucher will get more playing time, i bet, because mo likes veterans.Watch and see! Now, as far as peter goes, i would love for him to stay with the canes but, someone sees his potential and i bet he will be snatched up by another team but the beginning of the season.

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Georgia has biathlon title on her mind

In search of a podium finish the heysham high school pupil set off with the lead runners on the 1, 600m run and despite a stumble after being tripped by one of the other competitors, did enough to finish third.

Georgia also took part in a trial for the english talent programme in solihul and is hoping to be part of the modern pentathlon squad where she will join up with shea who was selected for the etp back cheap michael kors bags sale in september.

The pair are coached by colin gemson at lancaster and morecambe athletics club and lancaster city swimming and water polo club’s andi daykin and karl bradley.

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