The main idea behind ThermoCycle library is to provide a  robust thermo-hydraulic component library. The library is composed by 6 top-level package which are listed below:

  • Components
  • Examples
  • Functions
  • Icons
  • Interfaces
  • Media

Components is the central part of the library It is organized in three sub-package: FluidFlow, HeatFlow and Units. It contains all the models available in the library from the simple cell model for fluid flow to complete model of heat exchangers, expanders and control unit.

LibraryStructureExamples contains models where the components of the library can be tested. It includes several ORC plant models and it also provides a step by step procedure to build an ORC power unit.

Functions are the empirical correlations used to characterized some of the models presents in the library.

Icons define the graphical interface for some of the models in the library

Interfaces define the type of connectors used in the library. The flow connectors are available for compressible, incompressible and perfect fluid model.

Media contain a list of some of the fluid available in the library. The CoolProp2Modelica library is anyway necessary to allow the coupling with CoolProp for computing the thermo-physical and transport properties of the fluids.

In this section, a more detailed description of the main components is provided.