Compressor EN12900


The Compressor_EN12900 model represents the compression of a fluid in a scroll compressor according to standard EN12900. It is a lumped model. It is characterized by two flow connector for the fluid inlet and outlet and by a mechanical connector for the connection with the electric driver.

The assumptions for this model are:

  • No dynamics ( it is considered negligible when compared to the one characterizing the heat exchanger).
  • No thermal energy losses to the environment
  • Mass flow and consumed power are calculated with a polynoms as a function of the saturation temperature of the corresponding inlet and outlet temperature

Modelling options

In the General tab the following option is availabe:

  • CPmodel: it allows to select one of the different available scroll compressor characteristics.

Polynomial expression

In the EN12900 standard, the compressor consumption and the mass flow rate are expressed as a function of the evaporation and condensation temperatures with the following equations: