This model describes the flow of fluid through a discretized one dimentional tube. It is obtained by connecting in series N Cell1Dim. The resulting discretization scheme is of the staggered type i.e. state variables are computed at the center of each cell and the node variables are calculated depending on the local discretization (Upwind or Central difference).

The Modelling options and the Numerical options are the same as the one presented in the Cell1D model documentation.

The model is characterized by a SummaryClass that provide a quick access to the following variables once the model is simulated:

  • Enthalpy at each node
  • Enthalpy at the center of each cell
  • Density at the center of each cell
  • Massflow at each nodes
  • Vapor quality at the center of each cell
  • Pressure in the tube

NB: Flow1DimInc, Flow1DimConst, Flow1Dim_limit are different declinations of the Flow1Dim component: they are built using the corresponding Cell1Dim model (Cell1DimInc, Cell1DimConst, Cell1Dim_limit, respectively).