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Goal the same Justin peters has made it a threesome of goalies in the workouts this week at raleigh center ice and is blunt when asked about his expectations for this season. “I coming into camp to make the hockey team,”Peters said today. The canes signed free agent brian boucher after the season and said the veteran goalie would be cam ward backup cheap ralph lauren this season.Ward was in net for 74 games last season, a career high and a busy workload the canes want to lighten. Where does that leave peters, the canes backup cheap louis vuitton bags last season?Apparently headed to the charlotte checkers(Ahl), where he will team with Mike Murphy in net. “This is my sixth professional year with the hurricanes and i coming into camp with the same attitude:Make the team, just like i did last year,”Peters said. ralph lauren online Peters respects boucher and what boucher has done in the nhl.But he said he did not dwell on or fret over boucher signing and what the ramifications would be for him. “That stuff completely out of my control,”He said. “All i can do is ralph lauren soldes focus on myself and come to the rink as a professional, as i always done and will continue to do. Peters, 25, played in just 12 games last season, posting a 3 5 louboutin australia 1 record with a 3.98 goals against average and.875 percentage.That came after a 2009 2010 season in which he was 6 3 0 with a 2.83 GAA and.905 save percentage. Peters was put into some tough positions last year, including a march 4 game in chicago against the surging blackhawks.He allowed five goals in that game as the canes lost. “Obviously i didn get as much playing time as i would have liked,”He said. “You always want to get in net as much as you can but that not the way it worked out. “Last year i definitely learned a lot.It definitely a different role being a backup goalie.Please review the following basic rules that govern your use of the ralph lauren polol.Please note that your use of the ralphlaurenmall.Constitutes your unconditional agreement to follow and be bound by these terms of use.Although you may”Bookmark”A particular portion of this site and thereby bypass this agreement, your use of this site still binds you to these terms of use ralphlaurenmall.Reserves the right to update or modify these terms of use at any time without prior notice to you. Your use of the Site following any such changeConstitutes your unconditional agreement to follow and be bound by these terms of use as changed. Last year, peters did what he was told to do but in situations that cam would have even failed.He was put in after cam had already lost the game but he tried to give the canes a chance.It just hard to get out there a play at a competitive level when you are not given a chance to excel and build your confidence. The signing of boucher was not a surprise to me though.You can tell when mo does not like someone and i feel peter is one of those people.I am not sure why he wouldn but a coach that runs his 1 goalie into exhaustion and then wants a cold backup to jump into the game?It not going to be good too often.Boucher will get more playing time, i bet, because mo likes veterans.Watch and see! Now, as far as peter goes, i would love for him to stay with the canes but, someone sees his potential and i bet he will be snatched up by another team but the beginning of the season.

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