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How to explain business casual dress code to employees Business casual dress code exampleunless there are specific workplace safety concerns, begin the process of introducing a new dress code by posting examples of business casual attire the company will accept. Women may wear skirts or dresses of at least knee length men and women may wear casual slacks or blue jeans;Women may wear calf length pants no shorts or stretch pants men may wear business shirts with the top button undone, golf or polo shirts women may wear polo shirts or blouses ralph lauren uk no t shirts, shirts without collars(For men)Or any clothing that features political, commercial or religious slogans tennis shoes and casual footwear are okay but no worn out weekend sneakers or flip flops Exceptions to business casual clothingin addition to communicating acceptable casual dress code to workers, be sure to also list exceptions.Take a page from the play book of citigroup(2), which suggests that any employee attending a business meeting may have to deviate from a business casual attire to reflect that of the meeting partner.In other words, if a company does business with a very conservative partner, anyone going into a meeting with ralph lauren online representatives of that company must dress accordingly. How to explain business casual dress code to employeesit is up to the human cheap louis vuitton bags uk resources representative to communicate the casual dress code to the management team and also to supply materials that managers and supervisors may use to explain the policies to those reporting to them. Prepare handouts with business casual pictures(3);They show examples of acceptable clothing options.Write out a dress policy ralph lauren pas cher soldes in the employee handbook;Include information about business casual wear.Spell out what’s accepted, what’s out and when casual wear may be worn.Train supervisors who to spot and deal with a dress code violation.Put into place clearly defined remedies, such as verbal and written warnings, which become part of an employee’s file. What others are readingcreating an organizational chart:Two free templates for downloaddistinguishing between the louboutin australia supervisor and manager rolesafety education:Tips for getting the word out in a fun wayfacing modern hr challenges head ona top to bottom look at organizational chartsdifferent types of organizational structurestages of collective bargainingsteps in hr planningexample of a certificate of employmenta guide to hr forms and letters:Free downloads and tips.