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Gossip girl style In just three seasons, the tv show now screened on Tg4 has pulled in huge audiences around the world, sparking interest in a fashion style favoured by rich new york socialites.This week, we decided to focus on how to get the look for far less achieve the girls’ fashion forward styles but with a sensible, honest to ralph lauren sale god budget. Forget about socialite wardrobes packed to the gills with designer numbers this is the real world.It’s about mixing vintage with attitude, and posh frocks with individualism, such as statement tights.And if you are taylor momsen, you’ll probably want to throw in some dodgy, saucy suspenders for streetwear. The serena van der woodsen character is played by Blake lively, who is becoming a veritable style icon in her own right, up there with Kate moss, who, she reveals, was her fashion inspiration. Jackets are a cornerstone of serena’s wardrobe and she loves her skinny jeans, but after being pictured in Paris, shooting season four, wearing coral pink, wide legged trousers, you can expect a flood of pas cher ralph lauren copies. Blake can do no wrong with her teenage fans.Indeed, hairdressers report that ‘serena’ hair is fast attracting clients’ interest, as Jennifer aniston’s ‘rachel’ cut did in the 1990s and noughties. The serena look is all about a keen eye to accessories, especially bags, christian louboutin sydney and blake also shares that passion, owning 25 margo morrison necklaces.Serena’s character blends big labels such as Valentino and dvf with Ralph lauren, and for ralph lauren online our shoot we put her in boutique by jaeger, a new label at arnotts that delivers classic chic with a twist just what you’d expect from a little sister diffusion range. The preppy blair waldorf is a totally different kettle of fish.The character, played by Leighton meester, is a real super bitch and her clothes echo her supersonic confidence.Just as she manipulates her friends, she also manipulates her park avenue princess wardrobe with great aplomb.Unlike serena, blair wears louis vuitton uk dresses 24/7 and the secret to achieving the look is to remember the two ps:Preppy and polished. Ladylike grooming is what blair is all about.She adores bright colours such as red and orange, and for our shoot we dressed her in a great red and pink checked anglomania jacket from Vivienne westwood.Beautifully tailored, it has a super swing. The core styling for blair is, unsuprisingly, Audrey hepburn, and this character is responsible for triggering a flood of interest in hairbands, from tartan alice bands to decorative embellished ones. Leighton says her own style is more eclectic and right now she is rocking ferragamo bags and shoes.